NEW HORIZONS at Panorama Mesdag

10 November 2014 - 8 March 2015



(For activities during the exhibition, please check the agenda)

Until 8 March 2015, museum Panorama Mesdag is offering you a fresh perspective into a world famous view: the Dutch North Sea horizon. In anticipation of the year 2012, artist Bruno van den Elshout constructed an photo machine onto the rooftop of a seaside hotel in The Hague, which he used to capture hourly portraits of the horizon for an entire year. The same recognisable view, over and over again - yet unpredictably new and different all the time.

From the immense collection of 8,785 NEW HORIZONS, Panorama Mesdag is showcasing a selection of 23 works, elegantly distributed over three halls. The fourth hall is showing all 212 pages of the forthcoming book publication, as it was released on 4 December.

The exhibition NEW HORIZONS is an anthology to the most beautiful views that the city of The Hague's got on offer. Borderless peace and tranquillity, just a few steps away from an international metropole.

TIP: Also visit the Mark Rothko exhibition, which is held at the Gemeentemuseum in parallel.

I am here

From 5 january until 20 February 2015, I will be present in the exhibition during all working days:

- To fully enjoy everything that NEW HORIZONS has put in motion;
- To create and use the context of Space and Transquillity to provide an ideal invitation to create new and meaningful connections;
- To bring NEW HORIZONS close the cycle of the project in an appropriate and careful way.


NEW HORIZONS will be on display until 8 March 2015. During the exhibition, numerous activities will be organised. Please check the agenda to view all activities.