NEW HORIZON #112, 05.01.2012 - 15h00 in situ in Paris

Acquiring NEW HORIZONS as works of art

The free view onto the horizon makes space. Space in your mind, space in a room. For new encounters, new meetings, new ideas or just for the sake of experiencing peace of mind. By enriching your home or office with a NEW HORIZON, you will provide yourself and your visitors with a fresh view onto a universal sight.

NEW HORIZONS are manufactured as works of art on request. Each horizon has a maximum print run of 4 copies, one of which sized 133x200cm and three in formats 90x135cm and/or smaller.

NEW HORIZONS are only available as museum quality prints (not on canvas or as posters), applied to a durable alu-dibond background. The image is protected with non-reflective satin coating. The back of the works are equipped with mounting rails.

The great majority of all 8,785 photographs are still available for printing. To select your preferred one, I invite you to take a dive into the archive on your own (to find a moment you hold dear), or to contact me personally so we can find the perfect match together.

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NEW HORIZONS in real life

In case you would like to see a NEW HORIZONS in real life: one of them is installed at the Bookstore at Noordeinde 39, The Hague - where you can also drink the best coffee in town, another two at my studio Kunstzaal de Bron, and a large one in the living room of Doornburgh Estate in Maarssen.

For seeing more, please do visit NEW HORIZONS at an exhibition. These are all announced in the monthly newsletter Sharing Adventures. Or revisit this website to check which exhibitions are scheduled.

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NEW HORIZONS composition with music

On the occasion of the first NEW HORIZONS exhibition, I joint forces with musician Matthijs Spek to create this remarkable and tranquillising video. What you see (preferrably in full-screen mode): is one day passing in 25 hourly horizon photos. The Hague - NL, 14.07.2012:

Bekijk eerder verkochte horizons

Hieronder kun je horizons bekijken die inmiddels op groot formaat zijn vervaardigd. Klik erop om ze schermbreed te zien. Per foto is ook vermeld waar het werk op dit moment geïnstalleerd is.

Neem voor de beschikbaarheid van kleinere werken graag persoonlijk contact op!