Exhibition NEW HORIZONS & Whatever the Weather
Fri 9 October - Sun 29 November 2020
Kunstzaal De Bron, The Hague

NEW HORIZONS are on display again during the autumn of 2020. I am exhibiting them in my shared studio Kunstzaal de Bron, together with the first copy of my new book. You can read more about the exhibition on the Whatever the Weather website.

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Previous exhibitions

The first NEW HORIZONS exhibition took place at the former gallery Broft/Van der Horst in The Hague. Thirty horizons were on display while the camera on the hotel roof was still collecting images every hour. This exhibition later served as a source of inspiration for the realisation of NEW HORIZONS as an artist book.

NEW HORIZONS was exhibited by the Foundation for Plastic arts in Amsterdam and Dordrecht. a larger exhibition followed at Panorama Mesdag in 2014 and 2015. Thanks to Google Maps and Roelof de Vries, you can still visit this exhibition online.

NEW HORIZONS at Panorama Mesdag, 2014/2015

View NEW HORIZONS exhibition at Panorama Mesdag

At this moment, you can view individual horizons at The Hague Bookstore en Kunstzaal de Bron in The Hague, and in the living room of Doornburgh Estate in Maarssen. You can also visit NEW HORIZONS at private addresses, let me know if this is something you want.

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In Januari 2015, TV-program Landinwaarts shed a light on the exhibition of NEW HORIZONS at Panorama Mesdag. You can view their impression below: