Detail of the book NEW HORIZONS, photo: Carel Fransen / The Eriskay Connection

NEW HORIZONS - the book

In the shape of an artist book, NEW HORIZONS invites you to embark on an adventure into an unknown future. To leave home, and take the most enriching detour to eventually return to the same place again.

NEW HORIZONS has been published in a one-off print run of 2,012 numbered copies. The book has won several design awards and was adopted by prestigious musea and libraries worldwide.

Thanks to the special binding method, the book opens and lies flat on every single page. The budget required for design and production amounted to € 100,000, which have been collected through pre-subscriptions (€ 0 - € 15,000), crowdfunding via platform Voor de Kunst (€ 15,000 - € 40,000), presales (€ 40,000 - € 80,000) and sales following publication (€ 80,000 - € 100,000). The presentation of NEW HORIZONS took place on 4 December 2014 in Kunstmuseum Den Haag, in the company of 750 people who had preordered the book.

If you would like to read more about the realisation of the book, you can read about it here:

The book adventure

750 ready to be handed out, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, photo: Carel Fransen


The following partners contributed to the realisation of NEW HORIZONS as a book:

Lie van Schelven - Wisdom and advice
Rob van Hoesel - Design
Sebastiaan Hanekroot / Colour & Books - Lithography
Stefan Kirschner / IGEPA Nederland - Paper
Arie Lenoir / Lenoirschuring - Print
Thomas Freitag / Buchbinderei Burkhardt - Binding
Frits van Vliet / Drukgoed - Book sleeve
Robert Cabri - Web design
Wendy van Buul - Arah - Communication and marketing


NEW HORIZONS is manufactures as a flatbook, surrounded by a sleeve carrying its release number (1 t/m 2012). On top of the normal print run, two Artist Copies (AC) were releasedm and 12 copies numbered 0000. The latter have been handed to the project partners, and to the collections of Panorama Mesdag and Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

Print run: single, 2012 + 12 + 2 copies, numbered
Pages: 212
Size: 23.2 x 32.9 x 6.7cm
Paper: Z Offset Rough 200gr/m2
Binding: Flatbook in sleeve
Weight: 3,500gr

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The selling price of NEW HORIZONS is € 218. You can order your copy of the book through

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[VIDEO] Wim Pijbes about NEW HORIZONS


FRAME Magazine wrote about NEW HORIZONS following its election as one of the most beautiful books in the world in 2015. You can read the online-version of the article via this link: