Lasse (5) first meets NEW HORIZONS as a book

NEW HORIZONS - the book

What initally seemed highly improbable, eventually turned out to be indivertible: 4 December 2014 was the day NEW HORIZONS had grown into a monumental book publication in a massive one-off print run of 2012 numbered copies. More than 500 people came to celebrate the book's release party, which was held at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

Every one of the copies measures 23 x 33 x 7cm, weighs around 3.5 kgs (8 pounds) and comprises 212 silky soft yet weighty pages. Thanks to the special binding method, the book lies open flat on every page. The book is protected by a solid cassette, which mentions the title and the quote by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The book is inspired by the collection of 8,785 hourly horizon portraits I captured throughout the year 2012, using a custom-built machine on the rooftop of hotel NH Atlantic in The Hague..


Designer Rob van Hoesel has carefully composed more than 300 of these horizons into a rhythmic-melodic visual experience, fully free of text. The alternation between small and large images, colourful or ordinairy, constrasting or harmonically combined - they keep every turn of the page a new surprise to the reader.

In combinations these horizons invite you to go out on an adventure. An exciting journey that is as universal as it is strictly individual. In the way every day representd a journey, every year and every life. Each passage with the destination and the meaning you attricbute to it..

If you want to know more about the journey I myself experienced to get to this final form, this is where you can read more: .


Since March 2015, NEW HORIZONS is officially one of the Most Beautiful Books in the World. At the World Championships for beautiful books in Leipzig Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt ) it was awarded a Bronze Medal. . Within the Netherlands, NEW HORIZONS has been included in the selection of Most Beautiful Books. In May 2015, we were also awarded a European Design Award for Artistic Catalogue in Istanbul.

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Colofon & specs

Initiator and performing artist:
Bruno van den Elshout
Lie van Schelven
Rob van Hoesel
Sebastiaan Hanekroot
IGEPA Nederland
Buchbinderei Burkhardt
Drukgoed & Paardekooper Display
Published in collaboration with:
The Eriskay Connection
Robert Cabri
Booking & promotion:
Wendy van Buul-Arah

Print run:

one-off, 2012 copies, numbered
212 pages
23.2 x 32.9 x 6.7cm
Z Offset Rough 200gr/m2
Flatbook in cassette
€ 212

NEW HORIZONS in production

It took about two weeks to produce more than 100,000 sheets of single-side printed book paper. This is what that looked and sounded like. Location: Lenoirschuring - Amstelveen: